Game Day Protocol at Whatcom Warrior Games, Bellingham Sportsplex 

As of March 27, 2021

eam Officials include two coaches per bench, team manager, two locker room monitors and one penalty box worker.

If a roster has not been sent ahead of time, please provide one to our front door Health Screeners upon arrival  so they can use it to check the visiting team in. Roster or roster stickers can be given to Whatcom team manager or to our Health Screeners.

A maximum of two coaches per bench are allowed and coaches will wear masks at all times. 

Masks must be worn in the building at all times, including when athletes and coaches are on the ice. This is a zero tolerance policy and you will be asked to leave if you choose to not wear a mask. This includes on the ice and in the locker rooms. 

Masks must cover both nose and mouth.

Game Officials will visually check for masks to be covering nose and mouth at face-offs. Any player not following the mask guidelines will be sent to the bench and the team risks delay of game penalties for ongoing violations.

All warm-up activities must take place outside. There is space to gather in the parking lot for team stretching or warm-ups. 

Players are to enter and leave the rink mostly geared.  

The visiting team may enter the rink 20 minutes prior to game time, mostly geared. They will use two locker rooms and enter through hallways on the soccer field side of the building. One of the Warrior volunteers will show the visiting coach or manager the route. Locker Rooms have a maximum of 10 people per locker room, players must use the markings to separate themselves and doors are to remain open. There are benches outside the locker rooms for players, who choose not to use the locker room. All teams must provide at least two Locker Room Monitors. Masks must be worn at all times, including in the locker rooms.

The home team will use the general seating area to dress & may enter the rink 15 minutes before ice time. All players will go through health screening checks before they enter the building. 


Spectators are allowed at practices and games. There is not a predetermined number of spectators allowed per team, however, we are still under capacity restrictions. With capacity, each team can have an average of 50 total spectators. We ask that parents use good judgement in inviting guests to games.  


If a sibling attends as a spectator, they are to stay with their parent at all times and not wander around the facility.


Masks are to be worn over mouth and nose at all times, when inside the rink. This is a zero tolerance policy.


After the players have entered the building, spectators will be asked to sign in prior to entering the building and will wait outside until the skaters step on the ice for warm-up. As soon as the players step on the ice, spectators will be admitted.

There is plenty of room to remain physically distanced throughout the rink. Please maintain a 6’ distance from those outside of your family bubble.

Please do not bang on the glass. 

As soon as the buzzer sounds, spectators must quickly exit the building through the top doors. Please do not linger to talk to your skater, there is time to do that outside.

It is suggested that spectators sanitize their hands upon entering and exiting the rink.


An alternative to a handshake line will be led by the home team coach. 

If the game is being live streamed, the Whatcom manager will share that with the visiting team manager to  share with parents at home. 

Officials may choose to prepare in the Referee Locker Room or on the bleachers outside of the locker room.

As a reminder, if you feel sick, have an COVID-19 symptoms or have been around anyone with symptoms,  please make the right choice and stay home.