BIC Adult & Youth Hockey Locker Room Policy

Below is the Bremerton Ice Center’s updated policy effective October 16th, 2021.


  • You must maintain 6 feet between each person while in the locker room. If you have more people then spots, then you must utilize the seating area(s) outside of the locker room.
  • Locker Room doors are to remain open at all times for ventilation purposes.
  • If the locker room is full and you must dress in the sectioned areas outside of the ice/locker rooms, please keep at least 1 layer of clothes on at all times. Remember this is a co-ed division. The BIC employs all gender staff as well as those under the age of 18.
  • Locker rooms are assigned by team and will be posted at the entrance of the building.
  • Players can only enter the assigned locker room 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time, and must vacate the locker room no more than 15 minutes after their ice session has ended.
  • Masks and social distancing are required at all times while in the building, including while in the locker rooms. You may remove your mask once you have entered the ice surface, and must be put back on once you exit it.
  • Locker Rooms and bench areas will be cleaned thoroughly by staff between each ice session.