WSHC/BIC Youth Game Guidelines

Effective 3.26.21


Game Day Check In


   Teams arriving will not be allowed entry until 10 minutes prior to game time. Upon arrival, but no later than 10 minutes prior to game time, the Team Manager or Head Coach is to check in with the front desk to fill out the scoresheet. There is a limit of maximum five (5) USAH rostered Coaches/Managers/Volunteers total per team allowed per entry prior to the start of the game. Each team is required to staff their own penalty box.

  Only 2 coaches will be allowed on the bench during the game.

   Both the Home and Away team managers are to keep a sign in sheet with each Parent/Guardian’s name and phone number of who is coming in to watch the game in case it is requested by the state. Each player is allowed a maximum of 3 persons to enter when permitted to do so by the BIC staff. No badges or wristbands are required for entry.



Game Time Guidelines


   Skaters are to arrive and exit the rink fully dressed (players can put their skates on and remove them in the facility).

   Skaters, coaches and participating Parent/Guardian’s will enter and exit the building through the lobby doors in order to avoid contact with other customers. USA Hockey rostered players, coaches and approved volunteers will be allowed entry in the building no more than 10 minutes prior to your game time. Goalies will be allowed in with 1 team staff member 15 minutes prior to game time in order to put on their pads and skates. You will then have 5 minutes to exit the building from the end of the game.

  Every person entering the building is required wear a mask at all times.

   All off-ice warm up activities are to take place outside of the building prior to entry and will not be allowed indoors.

   Upon entry, the Visiting team is to go towards the area beyond Locker Room 1 where you will find chairs spaced 6 feet apart. Each player is to find a seat that they will use while in the building. Home team is to go towards the area outside of the party rooms and the benches that line the lobby windows. Each player is to find a pod to sit that they will use while in the building.

   The Home team will enter and exit the ice using the doors closest to the lobby and the Visiting team will use the door closest to the Zam room to enter and exit the ice.

  Once all players have entered the ice, BIC staff will open the lobby doors to allow

Spectators to enter the building.

   Once permitted by BIC to enter the building, all Spectators must go straight to the bleachers and are required to watch the game from the stands-with individuals spaced 6 feet apart. No one is permitted to stand and watch the game anywhere other than the bleachers. If you have a disability that prevents you from going on to the bleachers, please let a Bremerton Ice Center staff know when you are registering and we can make accommodations for you.


   If a Parent/Guardian knocks on the door after it is closed, it is not guaranteed that the door will be re-opened.

   No exit/re-entry into the building will be allowed once the game has started. Once the buzzer has ended the game, the Spectators in the bleachers will be directed by BIC staff to immediately exit the building through lobby. While exiting the bleachers and building, please adhere to state social distancing directives and exit using the front doors.

   Once the game has ended and the final buzzer has sounded, the Spectators are expected to leave the building immediately. Players will leave the ice once all spectators have exited the area surrounding the ice and the BIC Staff member has given the okay to do so. You will then have 5 minutes to exit the building from the end of the game.




Additional Guidelines


   Masks are required at all times while in the building and must maintain physical distance of at least 6 feet between each person.

   Skaters, coaches, volunteers, staff and participating spectators are asked to take your temperature prior to leaving your home and entering the building. Anyone with a temperature 99.5 degrees or higher, or those who are symptomatic are asked to stay home and will be refused entry.

   Per Washington State requirements, patrons are not allowed to enter the Bremerton Ice Center if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (have not recovered or are still within the 14-day quarantine), had symptoms of COVID-19 (within the last 24 hours), or had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19 (within the last 14 days).

   Our offices, cafe, fireplace area, locker rooms, party rooms, and bar will be closed off to the public. We ask that you use the restroom prior to entering the building. Our bathrooms off the lobby area will be open for participants, but not for dressing or undressing.

   We will have monitors to assure that safe distancing is maintained on the ice and in the bleachers.

   We will have sanitizing equipment and materials and staff will use them to sanitize after each session where the public has been. Cleaning will happen prior to opening and closing, as well as during and between scheduled programs.

   We will not have the vending machines, nor will the water fountains be available, so please plan accordingly to ensure you have a proper amount of water on you.

   Bremerton Ice Center staff and officials have the authority to shut down and end any game or event if these guidelines are violated.