PS Icesports Game Protocol for games at Tacoma Twin Rinks


Players and Team Staff

  1. Entrance/Exit
    • Everyone is expected to be socially distant in the parking lot and outdoor dressing areas prior to entering the rink.
    • Skaters and Team Staff will enter rink 10 minutes prior to ice time fully dressed.Goalies will be allowed an additional 5 min before the skaters and team staff to enter building if needed
    • Players and Team Staff will be allowed to enter the building one at a time. Pleaseformalineoutsidespacing6ftapartuponenteringthebuilding
    • Visiting team enters rink lobby first, must go to the scoreboard end of the rink to put on their skates if needed.
    • Home team enters rink lobby and must go to near section of the dressing area to put on skates if necessary.
    • Once Zamboni is off the ice, the referee will enter the ice surface first, followed by the teams.
    • After game, both teams will go to their respective blue lines and stick tap the team in lieu of a handshake line.
    • Visiting team must clear out of rink first, follow by the home team through the exit at the score board end of the building. Both teams have 5 mins to exit the building.
  2. Masks Mask must be worn in the facilities at all times by players and team staff. Head coach is responsible for ensuring masks are worn.
  3. Only three coaches will be allowed on the benches.


Clock/Penalty Box

Only one person will be in the clock box. Home team will have penalty box attendant. Visiting team will have penalty box attendant. If desired, the penalty box attendant could be fourth coach. It is preferable that the manager is not a penalty box attendant. This will help manage any issues with spectators.


Spectators are expected to be socially distant in the parking lot and outdoor dressing areas prior to entering the rink. Spectators may enter facility AFTER both teams enter ice surface, the HOME Manager will open the door to allow Spectators to enter the rink and must move directly to the upstairs viewing areas. Only team personnel at ice level - No Spectators are allowed at ice level. Late entries must contact team manager to secure a ticket for entry. No-retry. The moment the final horn blows, spectators must leave the rink immediately.


Upon arrival, manager/coach needs to check in at front desk to fill out scoresheet and pick-up ENTRY Tickets. Managers will pass out designated colored tickets to players, coaches, game management personnel and spectators. Everyone in the building will need a ticket to enter the rink including players and coaches. Each team will receive 50 tickets. Note: 8U and 10U teams will receive 30 tickets per team.

Tickets Breakdown:

Team Rosters will be used to verify number of players, coaches, and managers. The team tickets collected at the door will be attached to game-sheet once the game is over and kept for contract tracing.

  1. All leftover tickets can be distributed to parents and children. Managers are responsible for distributing tickets fairly.
  2. The Visiting Manager will give the Home Manager any tickets that were not used so the facility can have an accurate occupancy count per game.
  3. All Spectator tickets will need to have the name of the spectator and phone number.Anyone that is given a ticket and uses that ticket to enter the building understands and acknowledges the following guidelines:
    1. If you or someone in your party are sick or have experienced any of the following symptoms please stay home: tickle or soreness in the throat, a running nose, coughing or sneezing,persistent headaches, fatigue, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, diarrhea, muscle or body aches, new loss of taste or smell, temperature above 99.5 degrees, nausea or vomiting,orotherpossibleCOVID-19symptom. When in doubt, stay home.
    2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. If you do touch them, wash your hands immediately.
    3. Agrees to wear a mask at all times, adhere to 6ft social distancing and follow appropriate respiratory etiquette.

Viewing Policies

Spectators are not allowed to open rink doors for anyone. Parents taking care of small children in the rink must keep children near them at all times. Children will not be allowed to run around the rink. Spectators will be allowed in the upstairs viewing area only. No one will be allowed to view at ice level or near the glass. Please practice social distancing while viewing the game. Stay six feet apart from all other spectators.



Downstairs restrooms are available for limited use only.


Mask must be worn in the facilities at all times by players, coaches, and spectators including children under 5 years old.

PS Icesports:



These policies will be reviewed frequently and will change to be compliant with State, Local and CDC guidelines  dated February 4, 2021 at 4:20pm